Scalar Energy Pendant Testimonials

I have lower back pain and osteoarthritis. I do not regret buying the Scalar Energy Pendant and the Card that came with it in the box. I do not feel any pain when I wear the pendant around my neck. I am pain free. I placed the card in my refrigerator in the vegetables pan area. After a week, the cucumbers usually go bad and the red pepper. With the Energy Card, my vegetables last longer than before. Thank you!
Mr. Huspa, France

Some weeks ago I purchased a pendant for a friend who has stage 4 cancer which started in her lungs and then to her liver. The pendant arrived just days after she had 2 quarts of fluid removed from her abdomen. Days later she reported a great increase in energy and now 3 weeks later her abdomen remains fluid free. She also has been following a healing diet. She cannot believe the energy boost she got from the pendant and the feeling of relaxation!
Maureen T. New Jersey

I am a diabetic. Due to this problem, I frequently suffered from stiffness and dizziness. But after wearing the energy pendant, these problems are no longer bother me.
Damon R. California

Before I started to wear the energy pendant, I was suffering from gout, high cholesterol and fatigue problems. But after  wearing the energy pendant, I started to see significant improvement in those problems. Really amazing!
Cliff W. South Dakota

My ability to focus & memorise (essential for my studies) used to be horrible. But after my father gave me an energy pendant to wear, I can stay focused longer and memorized easily!
Caley P. New York

I always relied on a cup of coffee or two every morning in order to jumpstart my day.  To my amazement, after wearing the energy pendant for just 2 weeks, my coffee consumption dropped to 2-3 cups a week instead of my previous 10 cups and I still work feeling alert & energized each morning.  Awesome!
Mike H. San Francisco

I wanted to share this story. I and my son went to universal park and I wore the pendant for two days. I was able to walk to two parks and feel energenic all day from 9am to 8pm. My balance and stamina were great. Thanks again Millennium Products!
Laura W. CoralSprings, Fl

I was given the pendant and waited a few days to try it. Then on a particularly busy and stressful day I decided to put it on and give it a try. I managed to handle everything in my day, which included a variety of work tasks and errands from 9 am until 8 pm.Early in the evening I realized all that I had accomplished, and that I had maintained a energetic, yet alert state all day.
Also, I had several instances where I could have gotten into verbal debates and emotional escalations and realized with the pendant on I was able to be calmer, and thus mindful and assertive in my communication, so the issues were resolved with little effort and virtually no stress.
I suffer from CFIDs and hypothyroidism which often makes me feel very fatigued and achy towards the middle of the day. With the pendent on I made it through the day easily and with energy left to enjoy the evening.

My son, 22 years old has chronic terrible allergies – constantly coughing, sinus issues (had surgery,etc. etc.) and nothing seems to help. May be dust, pollen, etc. I gave him the pendant to wear. He wore it for a few hours and I definitely noticed a difference – he took it back with him to college.

I’ve been experimenting on the boys (2 black labs) who are un-biased and don’t have possible preconceived ideas. I put the pendant under a large container of filtered water for a while, then poured some of this water into a bowl for them. I placed this bowl next to a bowl of filtered, un-energized water. The only difference between them is that one has been “energized”. They go for that one every time and will lap it dry in a matter of minutes leaving the other one untouched. Also… if there is water in the other bowl, they won’t drink it, but will wait for me to replenish the “energized” one. They will even bark for the other one. I have tried switching the bowls and contents, refilling the bowls when they are outside, etc to see if I can fake them out, but they always gravitate to the energized one. Also… one of the boys gets pancreatitis from time to time (likes to eat gophers). I tried putting the pendant on him and within about 10 minutes the panting and pacing stopped and he was able to rest comfortably. It has worked in that regard several times and it seems like he actually looks forward to wearing it. There must be some sort of energy to it that he responds to. 2 paws up!
Debra Hi. New Jersey

My boyfriend was having very strong chest pains. The doctors couldn’t find any reason for that since all his tests and exams seemed normal. I work in a healthy food store and one day after hearing so many good testimonials from people who had bought the pendant, I decided to give it a try and bought one for him. At the beggining he couldn’t feel the difference, but on the second day the pain started to improve and few days later he was pain free! I think the pain was very deep in his body and it took a little longer for the effect to show. He couldn’t believe what a difference it has made! He loves the way the pendant looks and wear it 24/7. Sometimes if he feels stressed out and his shoulders feel tight, he would hang the pendant on his back and within minutes his back feels more relaxed. I decided to buy one for my daughter who works with computers all day and one for me who deals with customers all day. We both can benefit from the balanced energy the pendant will bring us.
Gloria V. New York

Hello, my name is Janet and I am writing to tell you how happy I am with the pendant that I bought from Warren. I suffer from osteoarthritis, which has gotten progressively worse over the last 5 years. I have a bone spur in my first thoracic and supposedly damascus degeneration in between my two neck vertebra, bones.

Wearing this pendant I get full mobility and virtually no pain!  I noticed a significant difference in wearing the pendant overnight, the first night!  It is tremendous! Everything warren says is true about the power of the silica gel (think he said it was from japan) it really does make you sleep better and gives you mighty strength.
Janet E.

I was going out for my regular trip to the health store when I stumbled upon the Millennium Scalar Energy Pendant.

I have had MS since 1997. My healing journey has been experimental and traditional. Since there is no understanding of what causes MS and the treatment in the traditional model is fraught with pharmaceuticals that have serious, if not life-threatening, medications, I have been on a search for answers that go beyond the ordinary and the standards. I began to give up my trust in medications where profit is the motivating factor in development.

In my quest, I have looked at the possibility that EMFs are a culprit in weakening our immune systems and causing damage to our vascular systems. There is no doubt that I have electronic sensitivity, as I can not even be around an iPad for of a couple of minutes. Because of this, I have researched and tried many products, including shielding material and grounding products and stones. I am not sure what is truly effective, however, when I put the scalar pendant in my socks, I could feel its energy. I decided that I should try it and see what happens, after all, I feel that my journey has been about finding and trying great products.

I wore the pendant consistently over the next couple of weeks and definitely feel that it is make big difference in ability to walk better, my legs have less pain and are more flexible. I am not saying am cured, but I know this is a great product that I would definitely wear all the time. Actually, I don’t ever want to be without it.

Please be aware, the cell phone towers are everywhere and the immorality associated with lack of legislation and information and research about them is real. Let’s start getting vocal about the disgrace that is happening silently.

Thank you for your product.

Energetic difference with the Scalar Energy Pendant

I have enjoyed much clearer energy since wearing the Scalar Energy Pendant. My profession as a Quantum Biofeedback Specialist keeps me in front of a laptop computer for many hours a day. Although there is EMF protection within my computer programming I have found since wearing the Scalar Energy Pendant I am able to stay much more focused, grounded, clearer in thought and able to tolerate much longer and more comfortable periods of time spent with my clients. Tiring less and a feeling of lightness has also been an added bonus. Probably the most noticeable benefit I noticed is how light and comfortable it is to wear around my neck. I’m not an individual who particularly feels comfortable with something around my neck but even after wearing it all day long I would have to say I feel no stress from having it on, as if there is nothing there.

I am excited to be sharing this with my clients by offering them a product that can continue to protect them from EMF exposure even after they leave my office.

Thank you for this product,
Judy Harms

I am a 12 year old boy. I took the end of the year test and there was fifty questions and I got them all right. I was wearing the pendent that my mother brought for me. It made me feel more focused and confident.

Thanks to your company for bringing the Scalar Technology Pendant
into my community and life. Prior to dropping into my local nutrition
center for a few necessary items, I was a weary-with-pain senior woman
who, for the first time, was accepting that my best years and quality
of life were behind me. I had been so disabled with chronic pain that
I had spent the last three months flat on my back for most of every

Until meeting with your representative at Clark’s in Loma Linda,
California, and experiencing the healing properties of his Scalar
Pendant, I’d given up hope of ever being pain-free again. After trying
it for ten or fifteen minutes, I began to have a noticeable decrease
in pain, and an increase in what I can only describe as a distinct
feeling of well-being. Once thirty minutes had passed, I wanted to go
to work–for him. That is how dramatic was the difference in how I
felt then as compared with the thirty minutes prior. It was nothing
short of amazing! I was certain this “healing pendant” had made the

I have a background in science and am a bit skeptical of claims such
as the one I am presently writing. However, any other explanation
seemed unlikely. The delightful sensation of feeling less pain was
undeniable. I felt better, stronger and lighter.
I was standing taller and breathing more deeply. My attitude was
becoming optimistic. I was virtually pain free, and very excited. I
had hope for a normal life without medication with its terrific
expense and less-than-pleasant side effects. I knew I could not leave
without this gift of healing. I was not going home without the Skaler
Technologies Pendant. And I was prepared to to make a nuisance of
myself to assure that outcome.

Now, three full days and nights later, I have been up all day, each
day, without pain and feeling consistently better with each passing
hour. The first night I wore it is the first I dozed to sleep without
any medicationl assistance. And I slept more restfully.
Because I am wearing the pendant at all times, I am experiencing
greater energy, enthusiasm for tasks, and hopefulness for my future.
I now am eager to share it with everyone I love and even some I don’t
because, maybe, my chronic pain was affecting how I was feeling about

I have only made one other endorsement in my life. I have to feel
passionately to do so. Please know my life for the better as a result
of using this product. I would recommend this item to everyone,
whether in chronic pain or not, because life has its aches and pains.
That’s to be expected.

I can see a day, not too far down the road, when the Skaler Pendant
will be a household item with several to each first aide kit. Get one
today and stop pouring those pills down your throats. Be pain free. Be
Lynne VM

Siting in front of a computer monitor, surrounded by wifi and other wireless technologies, has always made me feel tense and uneasy. After I started wearing the Scalar Energy Pendant, I felt shielded from it all. I also have a noticeable performance improvement when I’m weight training or out for a hike.
Nick Kleinsmith

Yeah ! Its Great help to me & really it has made a great difference for me. YES! I am wearing the pendant just like always, since I work long hours in front of the computer day in and day out.

Thanks for the pendant Warren, I have my colleagues here who are already asking for it.
Jeff, India

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