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Cell Shield – $34.95 (Free Shipping)


Guardian Angel – $124.99 (Free Shipping)


Scalar Energy Pendant – $64.95
($10 Off + Free Shipping)


Purchase Miracle Salt – 1 Ounce For 60 Days

List Price: $39.95
Our Price: $33.00
You save $6.95!

NOTE: If you need to purchase more than one bottle, please contact Warren Jack at 904-444-2345.


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Scalar Energy Pendant – 15-Day Trial – $9.99 (Free Shipping)

You can now try the Scalar Energy Pendant for 15 days!

If you prefer you can purchase a 15 day trial to try the Scalar Energy Pendant. After 15 days of the purchase of your trial, your account will automatically be billed the remainder of the payment of $64.00 (2 payments of $32), unless you cancel. To cancel the trial you must NOTIFY US and return the Pendant you have at that time. You must cancel prior to the end of your free trial. Please note that you will be responsible for shipping charges when you return the Pendant. The cancellation is effective immediately when the Pendant is returned. You will not receive a refund or credit for unused time during the 15 day trial.

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