Macua Essential Oil

Pajaro Macua Essential Oil Blend

Legends say the Macua Bird makes its nest on the highest peak of the Amazon Jungle trees where it acquires its power and positive vibrations.

Macua-Bottle1This magnificent essential oil blend contains pieces of the Macua Bird’s nest gathered by natives of the area after such nest has been left behind as the chicks go on their journey. It includes different sacred seeds from the same jungle, giving it the properties to bring you love and health at home, luck and prosperity in business and overall happiness.

Use it when engaging in rituals, or whenever you need to increase your personal power.

This perfume are made from ancient secret formulas made from essential oils extracted from flowers and spices, used to impact a pleasant smell to one’s body or clothes, home and business to achieve their various objectives. These magical preparations are used as a scent while asking for our desires to materialize.

Macua Essential Oil has been used mainly to attract the right and harmonious love partner.

Macua Essential Oil – $29.99 (Includes Shipping)

1 oz bottle essential oil. (For external use only)

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